Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day one

So its Sunday, I was supposed to update on Friday but I was busy.
In my last post, I told you basically, "here's where I am, here's where I want to be, so watch me get there."
So today I'm going to focus more on where I am now, and I even have pictures to actually show you.

here is my 99 chevy malibu

heres the apartment I'm living in
heres where I sleep

heres where I started my journey to success 
 I have a work out plan, and I am going to start learning German soon.
Once I get the money I'm going to get a Numark Ns6 DJ controller. (it runs about a thousand dollars at Guitar Center, I'll probably look around online for a cheaper price.)

Today, I bought a 1.5 Terabyte external hard drive today to store music on. I was pretty excited ordering it because I've wanted one for about as long as I can remember. I didn't realize how cheap they were now!

Tomorrow I'm going to go into best buy, and see if I can get a job there. I work at Taco Cabana, and I cannot stand it. But hey, money is money right?

I'm feeling kind of tired, I could use some Slam! Even if I wasn't an Advocare Distributor I would
drink the slam energy shots because unlike other ones I've had, they actually taste good, and they don't make me feel like I do after I drink too much coffee. I feel energized and not all shaky.

I can't decide if I want the Bowl Game Berry flavor or the Strawberry flavor, hmmm.

Oh well,
Until Friday.

Tre' Davis

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