Monday, October 3, 2011

Steps forward

Hey everyone!
I've been reading on various internet marketing techniques such as SEO optimization, Pay per click, and mainly other ways to draw traffic. It all seems really easy in theory, but applying what I learn is my downfall. However, I did read something today that I though was pretty interesting.
We are going to use Advocare as an example.

So, let's say that you're selling Advocare. Instead of just posting on your site, "Check out the Advocare shop now by clicking HERE!" You can pick a certain audience speak to them specifically.

Like most people, I find it hard to stay energized throughout the day. But ever since I've started using Slam! energy supplements I find myself more motivated and focused and I am able to stay energized throughout the day. Slam! comes in four different flavors, Bowl Game Berry, Lemon aid, Power Punch, and Strawberry Blast (my personal favorite) and unlike other energy shots Slam! doesn't make you feel sick or jittery. Out of all the other energy supplements I have tried, Slam! is my absolute favorite and I recommend it to everyone looking for a healthy way to stay energized all day. If the energy shots aren't your thing Advocare offers many other healthy ways to stay energized! Check them out HERE!

So obviously, I was speaking to an audience that is looking for a healthy way to keep their energy up. Instead of just saying that Slam was an effective way to stay energized, I spoke from personal experience with the product and even recommended a specific flavor, I also shared an additional way to stay energized without using the Slam product. Little things like that can help you build trust with an audience making them more likely to listen to and believe what you are saying to them.

That's what i learned today.
Thanks for reading

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day one

So its Sunday, I was supposed to update on Friday but I was busy.
In my last post, I told you basically, "here's where I am, here's where I want to be, so watch me get there."
So today I'm going to focus more on where I am now, and I even have pictures to actually show you.

here is my 99 chevy malibu

heres the apartment I'm living in
heres where I sleep

heres where I started my journey to success 
 I have a work out plan, and I am going to start learning German soon.
Once I get the money I'm going to get a Numark Ns6 DJ controller. (it runs about a thousand dollars at Guitar Center, I'll probably look around online for a cheaper price.)

Today, I bought a 1.5 Terabyte external hard drive today to store music on. I was pretty excited ordering it because I've wanted one for about as long as I can remember. I didn't realize how cheap they were now!

Tomorrow I'm going to go into best buy, and see if I can get a job there. I work at Taco Cabana, and I cannot stand it. But hey, money is money right?

I'm feeling kind of tired, I could use some Slam! Even if I wasn't an Advocare Distributor I would
drink the slam energy shots because unlike other ones I've had, they actually taste good, and they don't make me feel like I do after I drink too much coffee. I feel energized and not all shaky.

I can't decide if I want the Bowl Game Berry flavor or the Strawberry flavor, hmmm.

Oh well,
Until Friday.

Tre' Davis

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first steps

Hello world,

My name is Tre' and I'm not an internet marketing guru, I'm not  a business major, I really have no background in internet marketing or any kind of marketing what-so-ever. I don't have a million dollars, I don't drive a nice car, but I do have a part time job at a fast food restaurant. I am 19 years old, Caucasian , Male, Brown haired, hazel eyed, average height, I have an average level of fitness, I'm an electronic music DJ and producer (Uk Hardcore and drum n bass if you were wondering) and I have just recently moved out of my moms house.
I have about $300 to my name and, like most people, am looking to add a couple zeros to that number.

Today, I just renewed my advocare distributor account.

I have been a distributor for about a year, and I really haven't done anything but made a little money selling a few bottles of "Slam", and a few packages of "Spark" at parties that I have DJ'd at. Having moved out, I quickly realized a few bucks here and there is not enough. So I have decided to try and sell advocare and eventually break away from my part-time fast food job, my crappy car and (most importantly) put my time to good use. You see, making money is nice but it isn't my main goal.

My other goals are:

  • Losing weight and getting in better shape
  • Networking with DJ's all over the world in hopes of getting more bookings
    • (national and international)
  • Learning a new language
  • Making a new song or recording a new mix that is release worthy every week
  • Knowing my time is being put to good use, and feeling like I'm living to my full potential
I personally invite you to watch as go on a journey through life, face challenges and accomplish goals.

I will update this blog every Friday with pictures and maybe a video showing my progress week by week, and I invite advice, constructive criticism, encouragement and random two-cent input.

Checkout Advocare's products online and see if you have any interest in any of them.

Until Friday,
Tre' Davis