Monday, October 3, 2011

Steps forward

Hey everyone!
I've been reading on various internet marketing techniques such as SEO optimization, Pay per click, and mainly other ways to draw traffic. It all seems really easy in theory, but applying what I learn is my downfall. However, I did read something today that I though was pretty interesting.
We are going to use Advocare as an example.

So, let's say that you're selling Advocare. Instead of just posting on your site, "Check out the Advocare shop now by clicking HERE!" You can pick a certain audience speak to them specifically.

Like most people, I find it hard to stay energized throughout the day. But ever since I've started using Slam! energy supplements I find myself more motivated and focused and I am able to stay energized throughout the day. Slam! comes in four different flavors, Bowl Game Berry, Lemon aid, Power Punch, and Strawberry Blast (my personal favorite) and unlike other energy shots Slam! doesn't make you feel sick or jittery. Out of all the other energy supplements I have tried, Slam! is my absolute favorite and I recommend it to everyone looking for a healthy way to stay energized all day. If the energy shots aren't your thing Advocare offers many other healthy ways to stay energized! Check them out HERE!

So obviously, I was speaking to an audience that is looking for a healthy way to keep their energy up. Instead of just saying that Slam was an effective way to stay energized, I spoke from personal experience with the product and even recommended a specific flavor, I also shared an additional way to stay energized without using the Slam product. Little things like that can help you build trust with an audience making them more likely to listen to and believe what you are saying to them.

That's what i learned today.
Thanks for reading

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